Thursday, August 29, 2013

Oh, FanExpo!

by: Moff D

If it’s late August, it must be time for Canada’s FanExpo.  Once again, we made the trek up to Toronto to troop with our Canadian friends, and with over 100 000 people in attendance this year, there were plenty of opportunities to show off the costumes.  The Star Wars costumers were combined into one giant Canadian Base, Canadian Garrison and R2 Builders booth with plenty on display for the public.  Even the Emperor himself, Ian McDiarmid, stopped by to sit in the replica of his throne.  There were daily raffles giving away plenty of Star Wars merch, and the ever-popular NERF-tastic “Shoot-A-Trooper” firing range where you could plant one on a trooper.  All money raised went to Make-A-Wish and the total isn’t in yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the total is north of $10000.

For the costumers, the weekend culminated on Saturday evening with the Grand March that led into the annual group photo.  Judging by the crowd reaction, it’s one of the marquee events for FanExpo -- plenty of opportunity to be blinded by camera flashes!

Rebel Legion and 501st take note: next year is the FanExpo’s 20th anniversary and the Canadian Garrison’s 10th anniversary.  The word is already being spread that members from all across the land are wanted to make it the biggest and best turnout yet.  So if you aren’t doing anything on Labor Day weekend, 2014 (forget Dragon Con) and make your way up to FanExpo!!!

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  1. Woot! Everybody head to Canada next year!! :D